Compress multiple images at once using the Bulk Image Compressor. Just drop your JPEG or PNG files below to compress them.

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Upload up to 50 images at once

How to use the Bulk Image Compressor?

Upload up to 50 PNG or JPEG images at once and wait for them to be compressed. You can download the images one by one or download them all at once as a ZIP file.

Why should I use the Bulk Image Compressor?

Bulk Image Compressor ensures that there is negligible loss in image quality after compression. This is extremely useful if you plan to use these images on your website. The webpages will load faster and you’ll save a lot of bandwidth.

Is it safe to use Bulk Image Compressor?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use Bulk Image Compressor. All the images compressed on our site are automatically deleted from our server every hour.